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Practice Marimba Rentals

We guarantee the lowest price and best service for your students’ practice marimba rental.
Just $35/mo includes free delivery to your home – anywhere in the DFW area!

Just $35/Month

You’ll spend $60-$70 per month “all-in” elsewhere in DFW.  We will save you $300-$400 every year!

Free Delivery & Pickup

Don’t waste your valuable time driving across DFW for a marimba.  We’ll deliver, set up and pick it up for free.


Great Service

We are available via email or phone if you have any issues.  If necessary we’ll be out to fix or replace the marimba.


No Contract

Rent the marimba for as long as you need it.  Let us know when you are done and we’ll come pick it up. Simple!

Renting or Purchasing?

Don’t be that parent who spent $1,600 for their student to play marimba for a year or two.   For just $35/mo, rent your marimba online in just 2 minutes and we’ll deliver it for free.  Once you are finished, we’ll come pick it up!

Check out these kids and their marimba skills!

Got a Question? Drop us a Line.

We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve done the research and understand all the options.
Buy new? used?  rent?  We’ll be happy to help you through the process.